Oh, it’s true. And it’s enraging. But before we get to that, some background: As Twitchy readers know, CNN’s Carol Costello let her Palin Derangement Syndrome show when she laughed at the alleged assault against Bristol Palin. Possible assault on a woman? HILARIOUS, right Carol? Because, you know, she’s a Palin and, thus, isn’t the “right kind” of woman anyway.

Why do Dems and the media (concentric circles on a Venn diagram) continue to endlessly attack Sarah Palin and her family? One simple and repugnant reason:

It’s absolutely not funny, because it’s absolutely true.

Ding, ding, ding!

Ladies, remember this. The endless attacks and weaponized misogyny? It’s both a punishment for straying from the Democrat plantation and a warning to stay away or they will attempt to destroy you and you family. But they have underestimated the strength of conservative women. Fight like a girl? You damn betcha.


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