Whoa. Frightening.

The tolerance of the Left is on display once again, comedian Steven Crowder reports. Mr. Crowder has had to deal with his lib neighbor before. As Twitchy reported, Crowder was a happy sign warrior during the 2012 election cycle.

Crowder says he has filed a police report and took to Twitter to post a photo of his broken car window.

Yep. Can you feel the love from the oh-so-tolerant Left? Cretins are saying that Crowder totally had it coming, natch. How dare he be conservative?

Stay classy, sickos (and victim-blaming liars). Speaking of classy, Mr. Crowder is just that.

Enough is enough now.


Tell us again that conservatives are the hateful ones, libs.


Care to explain this, libs?

Intolerant bullies, heal thyselves.

Please stay safe, Crowder family.


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