Governor Jindal rightly believes we can do better than #ObamasMinimumWageEconomy and he has taken that message to Twitter.


But the governor hasn’t only been blasting Obama. He also took Democrat Connecticut Governor Malloy to task.

Bless his heart.

“What the heck was a reference to white flag when it comes to people making $404 a week?” Malloy snapped. “I mean, that’s the most insane statement I’ve ever heard.”

Jindal did not the back down.

“If that’s the most partisan thing he’s heard all weekend, I want to make sure he hears a more partisan statement,” the Louisiana governor responded. “I think we can grow the economy more if we would delay more of these Obamacare mandates.”

Malloy bravely ran away.

Jindal’s scoring didn’t end there. The governors took their tangle to Twitter.


Oh, Gov. Malloy. You are no match for Gov. Jindal.

Boom. Game, set, match: Jindal.