No, really. As Twitchy readers know, Donna Brazile thinks that President Obama should celebrate Presidents Day by whipping out his Stompy Pen for some executive orders while Congress is in recess. What a way to honor the day! She then doubled down on the chilling tweet, exposing not only her own idiocy but some inadvertent truth about President Obama.

But the bless her heart-iness did not end there.

Snicker. You see, Ms. Brazile is also suffering from a persecution complex apparently. Worse than a dictatorship? Hateful tweets, guys.

Giggling madly!

Evidently, hateful doesn’t mean what she thinks it means either.

Hmm. Imagine that! But wait …


And the always genius Jon Gabriel brings it all home by destroying her “hateful tweets” attempt with a single tweet:

Truth. Boom.


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