Snicker. So there’s that?

The hacks over at Politico have done it again.

Yep. But it’s not just the headlines:

Oh, they were serious. Take a gander:

Pathetic. As Twitchy reported, Politico claimed that late term abortion supporter Wendy Davis is the “most judged woman in America.” That was ridiculous in and of itself, but Twitter users also called out the Politico hacks for the absurd notion that Davis’ only mistake was thinking that America is ready for a single mother. Wait a minute! Isn’t motherhood bad? According to “feminist” Amy Glass, mothers don’t do “important” work or anything anyway.

Lies, shmies! Totally not Wendy Davis’ fault. It’s the fault of The Patriarchy holding down single moms or something.

Twitter users swiftly gave Politico the business.



And in a nutshell:

As is Politico.


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