Yep. This happened:

More from Newsbusters (with video at the link):

MATTHEWS:. And the person of this political thuggery, I call it, because it really is extortion and, ‘we’re going to bring down the government if you don’t do things our way,’ and ‘we’re going to kill your baby ObamaCare, unless you give us the government, basically. My question is to Ted Cruz. His personality, his mien, the way he speaks on television — I think it’s pretty frightening to people because it has that evangelical edge of fire and brimstone — ‘I’ll bring down this temple if I have to, but I’m getting my way.’

Insanity, thy name is Tingles.

Iowahawk was right: Let the jokes begin. And begin they did!


And for the win:

That was beautiful. Keep it coming, Twitter! Clearly, the “tingle” has gone up Chris Matthews’ leg and traveled to his addled brain.