Bada-bam! As Twitchy reported, the GOP once again caved and struck a deal to increase the debt ceiling and end the shutdown. A deal in which the Democrats offered no concessions. Spineless much? Fox News’ Dana Perino zinged the GOP as only she can.

You are cracking us up too! Of course, a Twitter troll had to come crawling out of the woodwork:


And now for the backpedal:

Totally just a joke and stuff. Because, Fox News. Protip dude: Jokes are supposed to be funny.

This Twitter user offers another snark-tastic suggestion:


Oh my! Quite the pick-up line! But, it is the truth. Perino is on a roll:


She rounds it out with a snicker-worthy suggestion for Cory Booker (and his imaginary friend), who won the election Wednesday night for the N.J. Senate seat.

T-Bone giggles!

Keep it coming, Ms. Perino.


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