Wait, what? Serious You Guys?

Oh, the delusional Amanda Marcotte is at it again. Ace of Spades explains:

Warning: Marcotte’s writing is not safe for sanity. The real war on women? It’s perpetrated by “feminists” like Ms. Marcotte. But, no worries! Ace of Spades is here to graciously teach her something about the facts of life.

Life is hard!

Ace and his fellow hilarious happy warriors continued to teach Ms. Marcotte some valuable lessons. They also delved into her delusional mind and plucked out some pick-up lines. Get ready to weep with laughter:


Yeah, that’s the ticket! In insane Marcotte-ville. Bazongas? More like babies-on-yas.




That was a win, but luckily that wasn’t the end of the riff.

Sides. Aching.

The best thing Amanda Marcotte has ever done is inspire that riff. So, there’s that!


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