And ho it begins! It is time for Eliot Spitzer to shroud himself in a veil of victimhood like a good little liberal!

Chuck Todd, in a rare instance of honesty, calls out Spitzer and the media.

Yep. And your fellow “journalists” at MSNBC are totally enabling it. Willie Geist tweeted out news of the crocodile tears.

Commentary’s Podhoretz isn’t buying it.

That does not suit! TIME editor and MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin isn’t happy that everyone isn’t just accepting Spitzer’s “feeling pain” moment.

Enter Politico, quick to defend Spitzer and enable his victim-playing. He is the real victim, you see. Of meany pants conservatives:


Another journalist has an inadvertent moment of clarity.

Ya think? But, hey, nice jab calling people who don’t buy Spitzer’s act “Truthers.”

Citizens continue to do the job that many in the media won’t do and call Spitzer’s act out for what it is: Baloney.

And a winning exit point:


Keep defending Eliot Spitzer, lapdogs. It will do wonders for your credibility!


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