Enough truly is enough. When will it end? On top of the AP phone records scandal, it is now being reported that Fox News’ James Rosen was targeted and spied on by Obama’s Department of Justice. Glenn Greenwald, no fan of Fox News nor conservatives, slammed the Obama administration for the criminalizing of journalism. He also slammed Obama cheerleading progressives who think it’s hunky-dory. Because, Fox News.

Now word comes from a livid Megyn Kelly that Rosen wasn’t alone. Another reporter and a producer from Fox News were also targeted.

Heh. Funny, but frightening.

Twitter users have been rallying around James Rosen all day.

Of course, Olbermann had to include a snide remark. Still, when you’ve lost Olbermann …

Citizens continue to voice support for James Rosen in opposition to these thuggish tactics by the Obama administration. The hashtags #IStandWithJamesRosen and #StandWithRosen are being used.



James Rosen also tweeted today. And it was eerily relevant.

Keep the support coming, Twitter.

This cannot continue to stand. This is Obama’s America? A war on journalism fraught with intimidation and thug tactics.


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