Fox News’ Dana Perino tweeted that hilarity this afternoon.

Greg Gutfeld is an unfettered delight!


Greg Gutfeld must be having disturbing Carney flashbacks. As Twitchy reported, Jay Carney became the object of mockery gold (again) due to his incessant use of the word “unfettered.” Fox News’ Brit Hume got in on the snarking action and laid odds on Carney’s “repetition sweepstakes.” Giggles were had by all.

Gutfeld was quite perturbed.


He almost instated a banning!

Twitter users were hoping that he would.

Alas, no banning. But he did run a hilarious montage on “Red Eye” last night that had fans gasping for breath.

This brave soul used “unfettered” as a drinking game.

Zing! Wow … the hangover must be fierce today.


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