Editor’s note: On Wednesday, the judge reinstated the murder charge concerning a baby who reportedly breathed for 20 minutes after delivery in Gosnell’s house of horrors. However, he dismissed another murder charge.

Unbelievable. Breaking, and heartbreaking, news out of the trial of Kermit Gosnell today. The judge heard acquittal motions: Reporters on-the-scene tweet the news.

Severed their necks. But, hey, maybe they just came out “limp and dead” as President Obama would say. Sickening.

Those with a moral compass are infuriated and heartsick.


May God have mercy on our souls. This is what the culture of death has come to: Babies, delivered and born, have their necks snipped. And the man who snuffed out their lives, according to all testimony, is not held responsible for their deaths.

There is one bit of encouraging news remaining:

Yes. And may justice be served in those cases.


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