President Obama hit his second fundraiser of the day today. After laughing over who he thinks can totally afford to pay higher taxes, he decided to offer up this oh-so-classy and presidential remark, calling Calif. Attorney General Kamala Harris, “easy on the eyes” and “by far the best-looking Attorney General.” And double-down.

Huh. Paging all alleged feminists!

As Twitchy reported, a swooning “Entertainment Tonight” host recently called President Obama a “sex symbol.” Perhaps she meant sexist symbol.

Michelle Obama, in response to the host, said that President Obama has “swag.” Is that what you call this?

Seriously. But, hey, what else can you expect from a man whose campaign reduced women to the sum of their lady parts. Literally.


Besides his sexist swag, he also had the swanky going. Look at the fancy pants fundraiser menu:

The same! President Swag gave the media some extra kibble today.

Must be nice. Sequester this, right Obama? Can’t you just finish your quail egg? In your swanky surroundings while spouting sexist remarks?

Was it easy on the eyes, too?

Obama’s binders full of women evidently come with ratings. For looks.