Tease! But, no more guessing required now. The wonderful news is out:

More from The Blaze:

Beginning Monday, March 25, hourly updates from TheBlaze Radio News will mark the opening of every programming hour on SiriusXM Patriot channel 125, according an official press release.

Also beginning Monday, SiriusXM Internet Radio channel 778 will become TheBlaze Radio Network, featuring the same exclusive talk radio programs available on TheBlaze website. Hosts include Jay Severin, Doc Thompson, Buck Sexton, and of course, “The Glenn Beck Program” and the Pat & Stu show.

“TheBlaze is successfully becoming a true multi-platform news, information and opinion network,” said Beck of the new venture with SiriusXM.

Excellent. Hardest hit?



Indeed. We join in rubbing our hands together, gleefully, and wishing Beck and team much success!

An exit question for The Blaze crew:

Heh. Enterprising! It’s the American way.


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