That’s right. Progressives of pallor hurl vile hatred at Allen West continuously. Conservatives? They adore him. Mr. West appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2013) this morning. NBC reporters were forced to admit that he was swarmed by the crowds, but they had to include a little snide, natch: “just a former, one-term congressman.” He has no (D) by his name, you see, so he must be diminished.

But, swarmed he was. Conservatives love the outspoken and brave  Allen West. He may not be in the House of Representatives any longer, but he sure as heck still represents the people.

Allen West playing it cool #CPAC2013

Progressives of pallor? Out come the despicable racial slurs.

Disgusting. It would behoove those sad souls to actually listen to Allen West. His speech at CPAC 2013 this morning hit it out of the park.

Allen West delivers at #CPAC2013.

The Right Scoop has the video.

Fantastic, indeed. And absolutely correct, as racist progressives of pallor continuously prove.


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