The 2,000 mile-long Iron Dog race kicks off this weekend.

Today’s Iron Dog course distance is over 2,000 miles, starting in Big Lake with a halfway stop in Nome and finishing in Fairbanks, making it the World’s longest snowmobile race. Participants cover some of Alaska’s the most remote and rugged terrain while confronting some the harshest winter conditions. Survival skills are essential, making it the World’s toughest snowmobile race. All teams in race classes are a team of two persons and two snowmobiles for safety.

Todd Palin is once again racing. Actor Dean Cain, a fellow cast member on NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes,” took to Twitter to root for Mr. Palin.

Wife Sarah Palin posted a link to daughter Bristol’s blog, which has some great pictures from last year’s race.

Awesome! You can keep track of the race here:

Others root for Todd and offer their support.

Race hard and stay safe, indeed! Go get ’em!

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Photo of Todd and Trig Palin