Wait, what?

Heh. But, it’s really happening.

NBC news reports that 33 schools in Mich. are closing, in part due to Mayan doomsday prophesy fears, and tweets that further spark such fears with threats of violence.


Horribly, there are such tweets.

So, are the closures due to Mayan calendar doomsday panic or threats of violence? One school district said this:

A statement on their website reads as follows: “Given the recent events in Connecticut, there have been numerous rumors circulating in our district, and in neighboring districts, about potential threats of violence against students. Additionally, rumors connected to the Mayan calendar predicted end of the world on Friday have also surfaced. These rumors of violence have been thoroughly investigated and determined to be false.”

“These rumors have been a serious distraction for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.” Matt Wandrie, superintendent of Lapeer schools, said in an additional statement. “Although we in the county are reluctant to cancel school because the rumors are unsubstantiated, we feel it is the most appropriate decision given the gravity of recent events and our present circumstances.

While it is understandable to take every threat seriously after the tragedy in Newtown, Twitter is buzzing over the fact that the Mayan end of world rumors were given at all as a partial reasoning for school closures.

Believe it; many took to Twitter to comment and to report on school closings in their areas.




It’s not all just mockable Mayan panic, though. As Twitchy reported, many parents and students battled through fear to attend school on Monday in the wake of the shootings. That fear is still there and is now compounded by further threats.


Tennessee joins Michigan in closing some schools.

Again, it is tied to the Mayan calendar. Social media shows some students making threats about a “student revolt” involving weapons, since the “world is going to end.”



Twitchy will continue to monitor this situation and update with further developments.