Heh. See, grievance mongering “feminists” are at it again. This time, with pictures! Words are hard.


Get ready for your sides to ache: Here are some examples of the utter absurdity. When one reduces oneself to girly bits only, it’s really hard to use thinkies, evidently.



Pitiful. The mocking was swift and awesome.

Ridiculous and the antithesis of actual feminism. Empowering? Not so much.


Women who know that their lady parts include, you know, brains were quick to attempt to teach these “feminists” a little something about reality. And true empowerment. These women refuse to shroud themselves in a veil of victim-hood, and don’t feign outrage if a man notices that she is attractive. The horror!

Take it away, ladies!




Yes, what about that “feminists?”

Bingo. Men who aren’t afraid of strong women, who have no need to rely on Big Daddy Government for everything, also weigh in.


And these two ladies sum it all up.

Indeed. As always, women need feminists like a fish need a bicycles.

That’s your legacy, Gloria Steinem. Case. Closed.


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