As Twitchy reported this morning, President Obama’s official campaign Tumblr literally reduced women to the sum of their girly bits. The campaign posted “vote like your lady parts depend on it.” They doubled-down on the misogyny with the slug for the post, which said “because they kinda do really.”

A screencap:

Because, VAGINA!

That’s all you are to President Obama and his staff, ladies.

The Obama campaign quietly removed the post from its Tumblr with no explanation. Hmmm. Perhaps because the backlash was immediate? Sorry, sexist pigs, but the internet is forever. Here’s a screencap:

Twitter users were outraged and let the president and his misogynist staff know, as only happy warriors can. First, #Ladyparts trended. Next came the awesome hashtag #PresidentLadyParts.

More, please, Twitter.

Others had questions:

So, many decided to direct their questions and their outrage straight to the source: President Obama’s Twitter account.


Dear President Obama: We can see November from your misogyny.