The latest list out of the RNC is a boom-fest.

A taste:

Obama’s promises addressed nearly every issue relevant to this
election. They range from the everyday concerns of middle-class
Americans like lowering the cost of health insurance to the national
hope of changing the way Washington works.

Despite his lofty rhetoric, the president has not met the very standards
he set for himself. And America’s still waiting for hope and change.

Whatever the issue, Barack Obama has failed to keep his promises to
the American people, and the nation has paid a heavy price.

Twitter users are praising the hard-hitting list and are asking Democrats who they plan to blame now.

Twenty-six pages. Of broken promises.

Americans need to. The media won’t do it, so it’s up to happy warriors to get the word out, and to remind everyone of all the broken promises and failures.

Twitter answers the call.

And, here it is all in a nutshell of truth.

Bingo. Kudos, RNC and happy warriors. Spread the word far and wide.