Christian rage? What on earth could have possibly sparked that? Oh, just a little truth, of course. The truth always makes the Left lash out.

Oh, dear, Newsweek. You’ve done it now. Soon, you’ll be paid a visit by the Blasphemy Police. The Left immediately went into outrageous outrage mode.

See? Get ready for a visit!

Free speech, shmee speech! Of course, they are likely upset that the article is penned by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who always brings out lefty bile. The sick and delusional comparisons begin.

Sigh. Once again, the Left is worshipping at the shrines of multiculturalism and moral relativism. Then came the absurd #ChristianRage hashtag, which appears to be just an excuse to let out some lefty Christian hate and mockery.

Elise Foley, politics reporter for Huffington Post lets her disdain show.

Get it? Christians are all icky and uptight and stuff. Or something.

Others follow suit.

Dude. Is he kidding us?

Gay-baiting, natch.

Christian mocking is hilarious! Of course, there is no cause for concern.

They won’t go on violent rampages, nor call for beheadings.

What cowards you are, lefties.