Oh, snap!

As Twitchy reported last night, Juan Williams let his sexist show again when he called Ann Romney a “corporate wife.” Dennis Miller called him out on it.

Other Twitter users swiftly called out the sexist Williams as well, and it continues today. Of course, there is some awesome snark about the term “corporate wife” as well.

The “real reporter” actually doubled down on his misogynist remarks today, in a failed backpedal attempt.


Good, little lapdog! Feeling the heat, the “real reporter” not only doubled down on air today, but in writing.


Warning: Reading it may cause wrinkles due to your mouth being twisted in disgust. Man up, Juan. At least be honest about your sexism.

And instead of parroting leftist misogyny and class warfare rhetoric nonsense, try opening your eyes to what President Obama has done and is doing.

Bingo. But that is par for the course, for lapdogs.

Randi Rhodes cheers Juan Williams on.

We are just surprised Randi didn’t suggest that Ann Romney’s ovaries be cut off; you see, Randi believes that she is the arbiter of who deserves ovaries. Only the “right kind” of women do. Definitely not “corporate wives” or “just moms.”

War on Women? It comes from the Left and always has.


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