What about Glamour magazine? Well, you see, President Obama has decided to finally take some hard-hitting questions, after blowing off the press for ages.

From Glamour magazine. Seriously.

It’s no surprise, really. As Twitchy reported, earlier this month Obama’s deputy campaign manager, lying liar who lies Stephanie Cutter, totally snubbed the lapdog mainstream media. She said that People magazine and “Entertainment Tonight” are just as important. Oh, the unrequited love! It burns! The White House press corps has been replaced with the likes of Glamour magazine and flirty radio hosts at “Morning Mayhem.”  He just wants to finish his softball questions, you see. Meanies!

More from Jammie Wearing Fool:

It’s a step up from his recent appearances on ET and morning radio in New Mexico. Everywhere I turn I see Mitt Romney giving interviews, even on hostile networks. Well, that’s pretty much all of them, but at least he’s man enough to take some tough questions.


Citizens rightly mock President Obama for his cowardice.

We can see the questions now: “Oh, President Obama, about that laser-like focus … OMG, your eyes are gorgeous!” Hopefully, they’ll at least call him out for his hideous mom jeans and atrocious bike riding outfits.

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