Rep. Akin has repeatedly said that he is staying in the race, after issuing an apology for his “legitimate rape” comments.

Of course, he has also muttered about some nefarious forces trying to boot him out of the race. You know, like all the conservatives whom he is calling “liberal media.”

It is being reported that he will now hold a press conference in Missouri this afternoon.

The Twittersphere decided to come up with some new details of its own.

Update: Akin says he’s in for the long haul.

Someone seems to have tipped off Akin to the fact that the “liberal media” urging him to leave the race are Republicans.

A spokesperson for Sen. Claire McCaskill released a short statement in response: “Republicans in Missouri voted to have Todd Akin as their nominee. Nothing about that has changed. The choice between Todd Akin and Claire is stark, and Missouri voters will get to decide who will be on their side in the U.S. Senate.”

McCaskill certainly isn’t heartbroken over the news that Akin will remain in the race.