Oh, good grief. Sneaky, heal thyself.

Senator McCaskill’s attempt at reverse psychology is incredibly lame; is she trying for yet another terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day? What Rasmussen poll is the Democrat Missouri senator trying, and failing, to discredit? Oh, only the one that has her now up by ten over Rep. Akin.

Prior to the “legitimate rape” debacle and subsequent media frenzy, Rep. Akin was leading McCaskill. Gee, we wonder why she wants him to think that he didn’t just plummet like a dumb rock?


Bingo. In her desperate attempt to bitterly cling to her senate seat, she is trying a pitiful Jedi Mind Trick: “You’re fine, Akin. No, no, you’re fine.” Citizens with half a brain see right through her, natch, and rightly call her out on her idiocy.

When you’ve lost BuzzFeed …

One would hope they would. In the meantime, perhaps McCaskill’s sneaky attempt will back-fire?


Nice try, Senator McCaskill. But once again, happy warriors are far too smart for you. Aren’t you tired of being constantly shamed yet?

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