Paul Ryan’s abs, natch! And they were the talk, and leer, of the day!

Will there be breathless media reporting?

ABC does. The article talks about Ryan’s “physique” and how it has become an Internet sensation. Then, it ends with this hard-hitting bit of journalism:

Whether more recent shirtless pictures will emerge as the campaign continues remains to be seen.

Even Fox News’ Bret Baier couldn’t resist the siren call of the abs.

Twitter users had a blast discussing this most pressing issue. Is it a game changer?

Oh noes. Will there be an Abs-Off between VP candidates?

What’s the opposite of “pics or it never happened”? Our eyes!

Oh, the humanity. Click if you dare. The Onion was way ahead of them, though!

And a little eye candy for the geeks! Well, and a palate cleanser for anyone who clicked on the shirtless Biden link. Shudder!

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