Why the Boehlert mocking today? Well, it’s not like there isn’t reason enough every day. But, today was especially egregious. Showing the typical leftist disdain for the military, Eric Boehlert called Navy SEALs “gutless.”

No, really. He did. What’s next? Pulling a Chris Hayes and not wanting to call our fallen troops heroes?

More from The Right Sphere:

Boehlert is such a straight up Obama boot licker that he actually smears former Navy SEALs who don’t like the fact that President Obama’s administration is leaking sensitive information that could put current SEALs in danger and for attempting to politicize their efforts …

… Some of the SEALs involved with the project are – GASP! – Republicans and/or conservatives. That was all Eric needed to tweet this:

We’d tell you to look in the kinda lame mirror, Eric, but that would be a disservice to the merely kinda lame. Maybe try a repugnant asshat mirror? Twitter users point out what an utter jackass Boehlert is. As always, these happy warriors do so with clever humor.

Gutsy call! To be fair, smart, strong and pretty women are super scary, to impotent lefties like Boehlert.

"The Tea Party movement is dead." - @EricBoehlert o... on Twitpic

And, enter the hashtag #GutsyEricBoehlert, now trending.


And, win.


More, please, Twitter! Boehlert can take it; he’s super gutsy. And, you know, will just block you. Waah!