Oh, dear. President Obama’s Twitter feed is a hot mess of scared. Upon the announcement that Rep. Paul Ryan  was chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate, President Obama flew into a stompy foot tantrum.It is so pitiful that it would almost be sad … if it wasn’t so hilarious! He falls back on his absurd “FACT” screeching. As everyone knows, much like every time he opens his mouth, every time he puts “FACT” in front of something, it’s a total lie. Capitalizing something, doesn’t make it true, genius.

Citizens kindly try to help him with his misunderstanding of the word “fact.”

Informed voters? What kind of dark magic is that? There is no need to prove something; he screeched FACT in front of it, silly!

President Stompy Foot continues with his little tantrum all while being debunked, with pointing and snickering, by citizens.




Twitter users then provide a teachable moment by offering President Obama some actual facts.

Oh, honey. That would take up all of your time. His “FACT” screeching just keeps increasing. The more frightened he gets, the more frantic the tweeting becomes.

Heh. Indeed, his meltdown is rather humiliating. Why so scared, President Obama?

Dear President Obama: We are laughing at you, not with you. Criminy! Put on your big boy pants. This is just embarrassing now. On the plus side, we can see November from your tweets. And it looks good!