Yuk, yuk, yuk! You know, because she’s so stupid and all. Unlike our brilliant current Vice President Joe Biden. Former “The View” co-host Star Jones is Better Than You and Smarter Than You, you see. She makes sure that you know that by putting “Esq.” even in her Twitter handle. She’s a lawyer. Case. Closed!

What caused the random and gratuitous Palin slam this time?

Sigh. Ms. Jones went on to diss Sarah Palin further when she responded to Twitter users who don’t think that Sarah Palin is the root of all evil.

Star Jones also threw in a jibe at Ann Romney, helping to foment the absurd and unhinged faux outrage aimed at Ms. Romney, with some race card action for good measure. Of course.

What a good little liberal! Her Twitter bio says she is free and grown. Looks like the smarty pants lawyer doesn’t know what those words mean.