Keep digging, MSNBC.

What’s the lie this time? Well, MSNBC published an “article” today that sought to push yet another lie: Mitt Romney isn’t considering a woman for Vice President. Because, icky old Sarah Palin. It was, of course, breathlessly pushed out as fact by other alleged media outlets.

An “informal Romney adviser” who would “guess” what is in Romney’s head. No, really.

“I think, unfortunately, Palin poisoned the well on that,” said one informal Romney adviser, fretting that any woman selected as VP would draw inevitable comparisons to the former Alaska governor. “I would guess if I were inside the Romney mind that they’re worried that any woman chosen will be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny. “

Alas, MSNBC, Twitter users actually know the difference between reality and your Palin-obsessed fantasies.

Source? Stop confusing MSNBC!

What happens when you mix a shameful failed false narrative attempt and “informal Romney adviser?” Comedy gold.

Sad, little Soros monkey Eric Boehlert and Ana Marie “I don’t read books before I review them” Cox try to make funnies aimed at Romney. They failed and instead just served to further mock MSNBC.

When even fellow loons end up mocking you, times are tough, man.

Another attempted false narrative debunked! With humor, as always. Thank you, Twitter happy warriors!

Of course, Twitter progressives tried to spin it away and mock Romney instead. With their patented bigotry.

Stay classy.