President Obama is in full pander mode with the Paycheck Fairness Act. While anyone with a functioning brain realizes that any alleged “gap” in pay is based on lifestyle choices, the Democrats are going all in on scare tactics in their usual quest to use women as pawns.

Hey, genius, everyone suffers when there are atrocious jobs reports and ever-increasing unemployment, caused by you and your policies.

Oh, our aching sides!

Yes. In The White House, as Twitchy explained to Valerie Jarrett who joined Twitter today to help spread the lies.

Yep. And has a whole page dedicated to the use of women as pawns. Where is Julia!?

Twitter users fight back.

It also benefits those who seek to use women as pawns by attempting to scare them  into staying on the Democrat plantation. Meanwhile, like most Democrat policies, this law would actually harm everyone, including women.

The misnamed Paycheck Fairness Act is a special-interest bill for litigators and aggrieved women’s groups. A core provision would encourage class-action lawsuits and force defendants to settle under threat of uncapped punitive damages. Employers would be liable not only for intentional discrimination (banned long ago) but for the “lingering effects of past discrimination.” What does that mean? Employers have no idea. Universities, for example, typically pay professors in the business school more than those in the school of social work. That’s a fair outcome of market demand. But according to the gender theory permeating this bill, market forces are tainted by “past discrimination.” Gender “experts” will testify that sexist attitudes led society to place a higher value on male-centered fields like business than female-centered fields like social work. Faced with multimillion-dollar lawsuits and attendant publicity, innocent employers will settle. They will soon be begging for the safe harbor of federally determined occupational wage scales.

This bill also authorizes the secretary of labor to award grants to organizations to teach women and girls how to negotiate better salaries and compensation packages. Where is the justice in that? The current recession has hit men harder than women. Census data from 2008 show that single, childless women in their 20s now earn 8 percent more on average than their male counterparts in metropolitan areas. If Congress is going to enact labor legislation with the word “fair” in it, it cannot limit the benefits to women. Senators may be tempted to vote for the Paycheck Fairness Act out in the mistaken belief that it is a common-sense equity bill. It is not. It won’t help women, but it will create havoc in an already precarious job market.

Truth is hard. And truth doesn’t matter to those who seek to constantly use women for their own end.

Bingo. Don’t fall for it, ladies.