Donald Trump is like a dog (stay clear of President Obama) with a bone when it comes to insults. He can never let them go. Today, he continued his Twitter trash-talk aimed at George Will.

Full text from Twitlonger:

George Will was pushing for @JonHuntsman for the GOP nomination in December…said he was going to win. @[email protected] has zero political instincts.

Double meow! Although, Huntsman? Criminy, George. Even Huntsman’s super lame, irrelevant “jokes” during the debates did nothing but reinforce his pretentious and non-personable personality. His disdain for conservatives was palpable.

Full text from Twitlonger:

George Will was critical of @MittRomney throughout the primary. Maybe it is because his wife was turned down for a position in the Romney campaign?

Bringing his wife into it? Oof.

Will it go into a day four? Stay tuned.