Jose Canseco is mulling a run for governor. No, really. We know; our sides are aching too!

More from Politico:

“Can a cuban born american be a mayor or governor in new england?” Jose Canseco mused on Twitter on Monday. Because “I am here to help and want to do good for all the people,” the former MLB slugger who is now playing for the Worcester Tornadoes announced.

“Taxes in andover and streetlites in fitchburg seem to be two problems. what else needs fixing?” he asked.

Canseco heard complaints about air quality, overdue road repairs, lack of dog neutering and poor funding for fire and police departments in various parts of Massachusetts.

This isn’t the first time he has thought about running for office. This is actually a step down; he previously contemplated a run for president.

His campaigning began in earnest on Twitter.

He feels your pain and is here to help, Massachusetts!

Taxes and streetlights. Problems. Solved.

Plus, hugs for all!

Lack of neutering is the pressing issue of our time. Just ask Bob Barker.

Well, then. Game changer.

He has to work on his “new tone.”

Hey, he’s got the politically correct “green” thing down and totally has a way with the ladies, unlike mere mortals. Shockingly, some are still upset by his political aspirations.

But many on Twitter are simply having a ball with the news. #CansecoforGovernorSlogans results in hilarity.