#BrettKimberlin was trending on Twitter this morning as ‘blog about Brett Kimberlin’ day began. For background on the horrifying story of this political terrorist, read Twitchy’s report.

For a full account in chilling detail, be sure to read Patterico’s post linked above on how he could have been killed. For blogging.

The conservative blogosphere and Twittersphere is standing up in support of those victimized by this radical Leftist political terrorist. Tweets, blogs, donations and other means are being employed to bring attention to this bone-chilling attack on speech, and to aid the targets of Brett Kimberlin’s terrorism.

Where is the media? Silent. Evidently, a shred of decency is too much to ask of the lapdog media, who instead choose to paint TEA parties as violent while ignoring actual nightmarish and potentially deadly terrorism from a Leftist.


Calls for the media to pay attention, fall on deaf ears.


The media’s silence in such matters is no longer just annoying and biased; it’s  life-threatening.


The horrifying truth.