Nice feminism! Boo-hoo. Amanda Marcotte doesn’t like the fact that “feminists” only faux denounce attacks on conservative women as a ploy to pat themselves on their smug backs and cover their own behinds while trying to desperately cling to relevance. The denunciations are never meaningful and, instead, are back-handed and empty.

She didn’t like when Twitchy pointed that out earlier today and called her on it. Stompy foot tantrum and name-calling commences.

What is truly a marvel is how someone could come to that conclusion. Pot, meet kettle. Every time “feminists” faux denounce something, they then excuse it by saying “well, her politics are atrocious and she is super icky. What do you expect?”

Missing the point yet again. And, yet again, all about her.

Nope. We fight against misogyny, including the systematic misogyny of the Left who treat women as helpless and hapless victims, needing to be tethered to and enslaved by Big Daddy Government for life.

Huh? No one cares about how much sex you or anyone has. The Hustler attack was not about sex at all. It was a vile attack aimed at shutting a woman up and making her submit.

Your pathetic attempts at feigning concern in order to further the lie that you speak for women is not unexpected.

Oh, our aching sides! A site run by a woman, employing many women and giving countless more women a voice. Michelle Malkin has empowered more women than the “feminist” movement ever has.

Now you are just trying to be funny. Right? Well, it would be funny if it wasn’t so disgusting. You stand up for all women? Is that why you think a form of genital mutilation is “just a nick” and that marriage is far worse? And that other atrocities committed against Muslim women aren’t so bad because at least they don’t think an unborn baby is a life? Tell us again who is ‘brutish?’

Stop! We will be unable to pull ourselves up off the floor, in fits of giggles!

Way to be For the Women ™. “Brutish and stupid” — you’ve come a long way, baby.