Once again, the lapdog media helps Democrats push the contemptible false narrative that says any votes against The One are racist. They did it when President Obama was embarrassed in West Virginia when primary voters cast ballots for a felon over him; they claimed West Virginia is racist, straight up. Then, they of course did not mention the actual reason the President had a hard time in West Virginia; his coal killing policies.

No, no. That can’t be it. His policies and incompetence can’t possibly be the reason why he floundered again in Kentucky and Arkansas. Again, when in doubt? Race-bait.

From The Washington Post article titled “Kentucky, Arkansas primaries: Is it racism?” (Interesting to note that the slug reads “what’s the matter with Kentucky”)

“Race, resentment [and] fear,” explained Donna Brazile, a Louisiana native and Democratic strategist when asked about Obama’s underperformance. “Democrats have not had any messaging in those states for more than a decade. It’s hard to get voters to like you or even know you when all they hear is negative stuff.”

Quantifying how much any of these factors up to and including race matter when it comes to why lots of Democrats don’t like Obama in Appalachia and certain southern states remains very difficult.

But being “very difficult” doesn’t stop them from jumping to conclusions in the very next sentence.

Race is clearly a factor in some portion of peoples’ votes nationally and it’s more likely to be considered a negative factor in the South.

Clearly race is a factor to the media and the false narrative that they wish to push.


Heh. Indeed. Another user sees where this is going.


The real reason Obama is floundering?

Bingo. But that’s common sense and real journalism. The lapdog media can’t be expected to report pesky, old facts!

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