Former Governor Ed Rendell (D-Pa.) joins in the growing chorus ripping Obama for his “crap” Bain attacks. Governor Rendell calls them “disappointing.”!/B2Journal/status/204981000638443520

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Ed Rendell joins Harold Ford and Cory Booker as critics within Barack Obama’s own party of his electoral strategy of demonizing private equity.  In a BuzzFeed article that focuses on the larger disconnect between Obama and Democratic Party institutions, Zeke Miller gets the former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania — a state critical to Obama’s re-election hopes — on the record as decidedly uncomfortable with the tone of Team Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital.

Will a hostage video from the Governor be long in coming? And what about Senator Mark Warner? He also committed heresy.!/VRWCTexan/status/204961643258585089!/HeistheGiambino/status/204945165306167296

The purge attempt begins immediately.!/amk4obama/status/204907378691420161


Ah, the old “turncoat.”!/MJayRosenberg/status/204994375137234944!/LibertasLogos/status/204953216339820544

Oh noes! He’s no Bill Clinton. What a slam! Not.

Ed Rendell and Mark Warner can look forward to being taken to the re-education camp as “defectors.”!/GOP/status/204971634866651136!/brento76/status/204997650305650688!/TXGaryM/status/204993033895292928

Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned. We’ll wager there will be no leg tingles tonight.!/hardball/status/204996140268134400