As Twitchy reported earlier Cory Booker, Democrat Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, spoke the truth about Team Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney and Bain. He called them “crap” and rightly so. The Left isn’t pleased; truth is even harder than math.!/RussOnPolitics/status/204246806127845377

The always wrong Joan Walsh also weighs in.!/joanwalsh/status/204233437530423298

No, Joan. He did tell the truth. We know; honesty is hard.!/steveweinstein/status/204248160929984513!/Our4thEstate/status/204243616405790721!/farrellmcmanus/status/204259028250017792!/GoBrooklyn/status/204247482564214785!/zizii2/status/204250112380252160!/Maggyw519/status/204248309198618627

Oh, well. The Twitterati.

The tolerant Left falls back on slurs and name-calling.!/MrJueseppi/status/204257120462442496!/StillJohnCA/status/204262427750174721!/Fedup_Mom/status/204265327868116995!/ritaag/status/204232547020972032!/Chernynkaya/status/204255989489352705!/Sesan72/status/204246462014562306!/facepalm23/status/204259246274121728!/BobBrigham/status/204258777304805376!/HumanityCritic/status/204239752243851265!/ditadblue/status/204236187785891840!/itgurl_29/status/204250501196427264!/NeverAgainRs/status/204265628104798208!/itgurl_29/status/204249904237907968!/CoryBooker/status/204260556427898880!/Creoleleo/status/204267557895671810!/MrJueseppi/status/204251334302629888!/MrJueseppi/status/204257487711510528


Thinking for oneself is not allowed. Cory Booker was forced to “clarify” his comments, due to the backlash. Unlike those attacking him, he shows class.!/CoryBooker/status/204257023691464704!/CoryBooker/status/204257270782111744!/CoryBooker/status/204257924388892672!/CoryBooker/status/204258401667137536!/CoryBooker/status/204258971333312512!/CoryBooker/status/204264873692114946

“Tolerance” on display yet again. New tone!

Update: Booker taped a nearly 4-minute YouTube video of his clarification.!/jimgeraghty/status/204378832302649344


But Obama’s heavy-handed editors chopped it down to a half-minute endorsement:!/BenLaBolt/status/204370530739032064

Even Politico notes the shenanigans:

What gets lost in the edit is the nuance of Booker’s argument. Watching the 35-second video, you would believe that Booker was flip-flopping from his comments on Meet The Press and going on an all-out assault on Romney. In the four-minute video, Booker stands by his comments — including “nauseating” — and explains that while he does think Romney’s record is fair game, he remains “furstrated” by the Obama campaign’s negative attacks.

In other words, the 35-second video is a reverse from the original argument. The four-minute video is an extenstion of the original argument.

Asked for his response to the ad, RNC spokesman Tim Miller, who has been attacking the ad on Twitter, emailed:

It’s clear this video was orchestrated by the Obama campaign, and as long as he is President any defense of the free market/private sector by members of his party must be silenced and apologized for.


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