Oh, look! A shiny! Democrats and their counterparts in the media are at it again. Distract! Distract like the wind! Now it’s a lame attempt to make a kerfuffle out of a SuperPAC exposing Jeremiah Wright’s hate. Everyone in the entire world must repudiate it or they are “hate-filled and divisive.” Unlike the subject, who is warm and fuzzy what with his “Goddamn America” and “AmeriKKKa” and “chickens coming home to roost” spouting.

DNC communications director and press secretary enter the mix with totally not hate-filled rhetoric.

The media, of course, thinks that Jeremiah Wright is irrelevant … except for when they are screeching about how talking about Wright is racist.

No, no. It was shut down in 2008.

Nice unbiased journalism, Reuters.

Non-Obama boot lickers don’t agree.

Mitt Romney has already rushed to repudiate it because heaven forfend he is seen by the elitists in the media as meany pants. Criminy, Republicans, grow a pair of brass ovaries already, will you?

The Left wants to talk about how we shouldn’t talk about it. Oh look, a shiny!

Yep. They want to make hay to distract from Obama’s failures and to distract from the fact that he was mentored and/or counseled by Jeremiah Wright, his pastor for decades. Instead, they try to flip it around to paint those who actually vet Obama as “hate-filled and divisive.” This way, they can continue to set the narrative. But like the Twitter users above said, that isn’t going to happen any longer; conservatives will no longer allow it.

Huh. Wonder why, Melanie? And that is why they are screeching in a lame attempt to turn Obama’s sleazy associates into a bashing of Romney.

There should be a hashtag to cover all their feigned outrage. Perhaps #ObamaDistractions.

FYI, the center of the controversy, GOP donor Joe Ricketts, has disavowed the proposed ad.

The DNC continues to try to make hay, though. Hey, he has a false narrative to push!