Both North Carolina and Amendment 1 are trending this morning, as North Carolinians head to the polls today. At issue is Amendment 1, which would amend the state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. You know, President Obama’s position.

Hollywood is weighing in against Amendment One; guess their positions have “evolved” fully.!/lizzwinstead/status/199829975136870400!/iamwandasykes/status/199831164469514241

No word yet if she wants to waterboard people who vote for it or if she saves such threats for Rush Limbaugh.!/lizzwinstead/status/199866231631785984!/ariannahuff/status/199845549808168960!/MollyRingwald/status/199720215762833408

And North Carolina’s governor.!/ncgovoffice/status/199575030051516418

And here is Leftist tool Sandra Fluke, once again!!/SandraFluke/status/199867968790855680

And The White House

And President Obama.

Whoops. Guess they are too busy frantically trying to walk back Joe Biden’s endorsement of gay marriage the other day. It might cost them votes and all.!/sistertoldjah/status/199851818480701440

Nope. He’ll string people along instead, in case he can use them for votes.!/baseballcrank/status/199880592328900608