Suspect facts now means being factual, but if someone doesn’t like those facts then you are totally suspect and stuff.

Gillespie used accurate figures, but he still misled viewers with at least two of his three claims.

Uh. Accurate is now misleading.

Here’s some alleged “misleading” information from the “fact checker” article that is headlined “Romney campaign’s misleading stats: women in the Obama economy”:

As for the number of women working today, Gillespie is correct that the number of unemployed females older than 16 increased by 858,000 between January 2009 and March 2012. But we should note that Obama inherited a deep recession that lasted until June 2009.

See, Gillespie forgot to totally forgive Obama. Because, inherited from Bush! Also, shaddup, shaddup, shaddup. Therefore, the Liar McLiarPants gets two Pinocchio noses.!/MattCover/status/197718221971918848

Also nonsense? Media fact checkers themselves. Clearly, it’s kind of like having a fox guard the hen-house.

Nice catch, Twitter! Keeping them honest, once again.