Ms. astroturfing Liberal tool is engaged, evidently. Maybe Sandra Fluke’s future husband will cough up the cash for her birth control now so she can stop begging the rest of us to pay for it? Of course, she’ll still continue to whine about student loans, all as a way to further her pathetic fifteen minutes of fame. Because, Rush. Or something.!/TeriChristoph/status/195546975276503040

A question tailor-made for Twitter. How on earth can she possibly pay for her wedding anyway? Isn’t that an “untenable burden?”

The responses do not disappoint.!/michellemalkin/status/195547547689955329!/LilMissRightie/status/195547231745609728!/incognito912/status/195548518088327169

Do we see a hashtag game on the horizon?

UPDATE: Twitter delivers with #sandraflukeengagementregistry:!/TRMirCat/status/195548566691917825!/BobHicks_/status/195549356957515777!/johnworr/status/195549734738468864!/michellemalkin/status/195548228496789504!/lakemillsright/status/195552645245702144

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