This comes on the heels of last night’s primary sweep by Mitt Romney. After which, Gingrich said he would “reassess” his campaign which is always code for “the fat lady is singing.”!/politicalwire/status/195126484317380609

It’s still unofficial, yet official. Fundamentally.!/freddoso/status/195142632870129666

It’s expected to become officially official next week.!/joebrooks/status/195150206097047554

Although not a surprising turn of events, Twitter weighs in.!/davekonig/status/195150437316427776!/SimonMaloy/status/195150768859381761

And, of course, some lovely sentiments from the oh-so-tolerant and kind Left.!/JuanCamonte/status/195150499622817794!/misosusanowa/status/195150466336833536

Newt really should have knocked over his microphone, said “Newt out” and stormed off stage. That would have been awesome.

So long, Speaker. It’s been fun. Alas, so much for that moon colony.

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