The penguin bites Newt story did give some added oomph to his campaign for a while. Okay, not really. But it did cause lots of mad giggles.

Rumor has it that Newt Gingrich will finally drop out of the presidential race. Shocka! But will he? Before a moon colony is started? Who will think of the moon colony? WHO?

Some say the end of his campaign is imminent.!/secupp/status/194758540215320577!/JPolitics2012/status/194888343727783936!/KurtSchlichter/status/194862084633276418

But, wait. Not so fast!!/CNHorn/status/194888578621378560!/kokomodianne/status/194888211779158016!/jasonpinter/status/194829241001574400

This one about sums it up.!/samyoungman/status/194883938316062721

Newt may drop out, sooner rather than later. Unless it’s later. And he doesn’t drop out. Fundamentally.