That’s what she said, Greg.

This fan was not alone. The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s new season premiered last night and the fans, and cast members, were out in droves.!/chris_manzo/status/194223626793402370

Cast member Melissa Gorga works in a plug for her song as well. Slick, Melissa. Slick.!/melissagorga/status/194207199327817728

This fan must not be from Jersey.!/Jshayisgay/status/194425115574935552

Unless if by family, he means “The Family.”

The hit of the premiere episode seems to be Kathy Wakile’s sister, Rosie.!/Bravotv/status/194254288963371010!/NikkieandMike/status/194436090197843970

She had the line of the night as well, when discussing Teresa Giudice and her raging jealousy of the other housewives.!/TuckerJCinalli/status/194437014572105729

Some aren’t quite as big fans of Teresa.!/Seray_Aksoy/status/194437143853142016!/konakool/status/194436934620286976!/JLSacchetta/status/194446078081384449!/jenflanagan05/status/194435347873153024!/MizLizzy/status/194444623899398145

Bring on the Jersey! This fan can’t wait for more.!/lfleischhh/status/194442285574930432

Not as impressed?!/MichaelMazzella/status/194434081340145664

Buzz kill!

The new season started off with a bang and all indications are that it will continue. You can follow all the table flips, drama and Jersey girl action using the #RHONJ hash tag every Sunday night on Twitter. Voyeurism loves company!