Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller then followed up with an article calling for an end to the “feigned Republican outrage” over #Rosengate, which he finds too victim-y and distracting. It’s funny how the Sandra Fluke kerfuffle wasn’t too victim-y or distracting; it dragged on for weeks and she is still popping up.!/mattklewis/status/190794530629488640

Evidently, Matt isn’t alone.!/bdomenech/status/190794971148845056!/jmartpolitico/status/190795377455284225

No. Just, no. The Left does hold women and motherhood in deep disdain. Further, the Left’s For The Women ™ card needs to be revoked and their false narratives need to be killed. Stop caving into their lies in some weird attempt to be oh-so-above it all.

Twitter agrees.!/Ben_Howe/status/190830258734366720!/WhenMyKidsGrown/status/190800802665869312!/CuffyMeh/status/190796174901526528!/EYA10/status/190797941466873856!/RobbieCooper/status/190800305959600129!/andylancaster/status/190800087633506305!/brady_cremeens/status/190827859827376128!/redsteeze/status/190800060039184385

And this says it all.!/IanJJennings/status/190796099404054528

Exactly. Stop worrying about looking meany pants or not smart, as judged by the Left. Woman up and fight like girls.