It’s funny how those who viciously demonized Ronald Reagan are so quick to attempt to use him when it suits their own purposes. They are now claiming that Reagan would totally love the Buffett Rule and are attempting to label it #ReaganRule. But not so fast, Harry. When will y’all learn that you can’t pull the wool over the eyes of people on Twitter? Let the debunking begin.!/rwardIII/status/190085795300909058!/freddoso/status/190086474157400064!/JimPethokoukis/status/190095699118014465!/JimPethokoukis/status/190095338005217281!/philipaklein/status/190086393484148737!/michellemalkin/status/190086118719496192

Once again, the White House also fails at hashtaggery. Trying to push #ReaganRule resulted in some awesome snark and insight from people on Twitter.!/RBPundit/status/190092876691144706!/HiramJGoldstein/status/190096475718557697!/USAwhole/status/190096278078754816!/angrierthanyou/status/190096097929216000!/running_bare/status/190097764854665216!/running_bare/status/190097628426539008!/sweasel/status/190097351174660097

But, but … fair share and stuff!!/SenatorReid/status/190085484813357056!/ShovelReadyArug/status/190086545783537666!/FrankieBigTime/status/190086237175029761

Before lying and demagoguing Ronald Reagan for a political agenda,try doing some research first, Senator Reid and President Obama. This sums it up nicely; let it be a “teachable moment” for you.!/Pablo4200/status/190100276374536192

It seems President Obama and his water boy Harry Reid have once again acted stupidly.