Donald Trump and the publicity craving Gloria Allred are in the midst of a feud over Jenna Talackova, the fired transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant. After making disturbing mention of his junk the other day, The Donald doubled-down on Twitter.

Full tweet from twitlonger:

I made my decision to allow Jenna Talackova to participate in Miss Universe Canada two days before Gloria Allred got involved. I hope Jenna is not paying Gloria a fee other than all the free publicity that Gloria is getting for no reason. Gloria actually hurts Jenna—- I do nothing for Gloria, who in my opinion is a third rate lawyer. Is Gloria a man or a woman????—- few men would know the answer to that one.

Meow, The Donald! We won’t hold our breaths waiting for Gloria Allred to appear on Celebrity Apprentice. That actually may hurt her more because she’s never met a camera she doesn’t love.