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Nothing is safe from the Woke Ideologues, dear readers, not even our beloved video games that we hold close to our hearts. The not-so-new Nintendo game (it's actually a remake), Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, will feature a transgender character who goes by the name Vivian.


'Vivian' first appeared in the original version of the game which was released for Game Cube in 2004 and he is one of three siblings who are some of Mario's villains. The sisters, Marilyn and Bedlam, call him a boy and in the new game, he reveals the bullying hurts because they are misgendering him. 

'Truth is, it took me a while to realize I was their sister… not their brother. Now their usual bullying feels heavier' Vivian tells the player at one point in the game.

It's worth mentioning that in 2018, Vivian was listed as a favorite on ING's list of LGBTQ+ characters. In the Italian version of the game, Vivian spoke about his 'transition', but in the English version, Vivian was portrayed simply as a woman.

Sigh. Why is this necessary?

Right?? The litany of companies who have tried (and failed spectacularly) to go woke is long. It seems like no one is learning from this failure, though.


There were, however, other users pointing out the same thing that we did earlier, that 'Vivian' was transgender in the original Japanese version of the game from its creation. It was simply changed for the English version of the game.

That said, again we ask, 'why is this necessary?' Does it contribute to the story line of the game in any way? Or is it just another attempt to normalize an ideology to our children that is extremely unhealthy and dangerous?



Same, Theo. Same.

The full text of Josh's posts reads as such: 'For those arguing, yes, Vivian is originally a boy with effeminate features and mannerisms in the original uncensored game. The line where Vivian explicitly identifies as a boy with a girl’s soul is not original to the 2004 game, and was added to both versions of the 2024 remake. You could argue that Vivian privately identifies as a woman based on his speech and actions in the uncensored 2004 original (just like there are lines that are suggestive that Vivian is gay), but the 2024 version is updating and adding new dialogue which changes the character, making it explicit rather than an open-ended possibility.'


So, if true (this writer is no expert on video games), it does appear as though Nintendo is deliberately choosing to engage with the gender cult nonsense that is becoming so pervasive in our society. Bad business plan, if you ask us.


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