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AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Now that the debate is about 18 hours in the rear view mirror, the focus group opinions are in and the pundits have opined for hours, it seems there is universal agreement last night was very bad for the Democrats and specifically Joe Biden.

Even Biden's contemporaries living in an assisted living facility were not impressed.

“Let’s face it, a debate is a performance,” said Claire Moses, 83. And she offered a blunt assessment of the one that Biden was turning in.

“Biden is not a good performer,” Moses said. “And I’m very sad tonight because I think that Biden is a great president, and he is a great president because of what he has done, what he has accomplished, not how he speaks.”

So people who believe he is a good President (not an opinion this writer shares) thought last night went really wrong. 

CNN viewers agreed it was an abysmal performance. So what do the Democrats do now? Frankly, it's doubtful Biden can pull off a win against Trump. That's obvious to the world. The Democrats have to replace him if they want to win. That leads to the next problem. Kamala Harris would be the next choice, but she also has a hard time formulating a sentence. She is also not well liked. Harris at the top of the ticket certainly does not guarantee any better showing against Trump.

In an exercise of delusion, MSNBC tried to pretend Kamala is really awesome, but has not been allowed to show us how great she is because they were afraid of upstaging Joe Biden. While that's kind to her legacy, I suppose, she just really is not at all stellar. It's why she went exactly nowhere in her own bid for the White House and why she was the first to drop out in 2020. This leaves the option I most believe we will see.

The Democrats have to choose Michelle Obama to satiate the identity politics crowd and the general public likes her. Let me be clear, conservatives don't like Michelle Obama. I don't like Michelle Obama. The crowd that reads People Magazine love Michelle Obama. Here is why I believe she will be their pick:


Obviously, I could be wrong and a guy I trust very much strongly disagrees with me.

Time will tell which of us was right. At the end of the day, the best thing for the GOP is for Joe Biden to stay in the race. It will almost certainly guarantee celebration in November and the long awaited red tsunami.



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